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Invasion from spyware takes place when you are online on your personal computer and malicious software programs get loaded onto your system. Most of the time, they are malicious activities by hackers who try to steal confidential information from you. It is a frequently-encountered yet serious problem.

Your free online information technology forum helps you know what other computer users do when they face a sudden spyware invasion. How they address this online threat immediately before running anti-spyware software from their technical support consultants. You will also be assisted in selecting a good online spyware scanner program. This scanner program helps you to detect if any spyware is loaded onto your computer.

For instance, you may run a business enterprise that has 15 agents. Each agent has an email address. It may not be unusual that few of them getting hit real bad by spam. In particular case, it may be 8 of them getting over 100 messages per day; the rest of the agents get nothing. You are running avg email server edition version 8.5 on the server. Each workstation also has avg installed for the agents. While SPAM avg catches some of the SPAM automatically, there are still bunches that get in the email box.

You may look for tech help assistance because of not being too familiar with the inner workings of Microsoft. You want to know if there is a spam setting that can be adjusted for these agents. Your information technology forum can help you with right technical support advice that will help you to solve this computer problem. You want to know if there is an issue that you have to take up with your hosting service. You can know by referring to free tech help contents in a good information technology forum. You can also seek one-to-one assistance from your computer support provider you will guide you on it.

Today, you use Windows XP for your personal computer. Some of online personal computer users may encounter a computer problem of spyware suddenly slowing down their windows totally. The computer screen starts showing a whole host of fake alerts. Now you try running Superantispyware. It may detect the malware, but it could not delete the spyware. This is because Windows has been blocked from rebooting with spyware. You further observe that MBAM will not update as spyware has blocked MBAM. You also tried AVG anti-virus which finds nothing. The desktop is in recovery mode.

In this particular case, you may first try to boot computer in normal mode. You can try ComboFix or MBAM. It should take care of that. According to tech help experts in an information technology forum, you should not disable System Restore when in the process of cleaning the system. The reason is that any viruses in that folder are harmless until only in that folder. Trying to fix those 010 entries would also not be advisable according to tech help experts in a good information technology forum. It may do more harm than good. You can use another personal computer with internet access to download the removal tools.

According to tech help expert, you then need to run just a removal tool. After downloading the removal tool, you need to run it from your Desktop. Before running your removal tools, your tech help expert at information technology forum further advises you to stop all your monitoring programs, such as anti-virus, antispyware, guards, and shields. The performance of ComboFix could be easily impacted by such monitoring programs.

Follow the prompts after double clicking combofix.exe. Once finished, a log will be generated. Now all those disabled programs during the running of ComboFix should be Re-enabled.

Your technical guide at your information technology forum also warns you not to mouse-click ComboFix’s window while the process is still running. Clicking may cause it to stall. While running, ComboFix disconnects your internet from the PC. The internet connection is automatically restored before ComboFix completes its run. If ComboFix encounters any difficulty and ends prematurely, the internet connection can be restored manually by restarting your machine.

Next, you can run a good spyware scanner in consultation with your online computer support provider to your desktop. This will take care of your online PC use from foreign theft of confidential data.

When tech help experts visit a good computer forum, they stress again and again to protect against online piracy of data by using a good anti-spyware program. In such forums, you get useful tech help tips for facing this frequently-met computer problem.