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Adventure Sports – Not For You If You Are Looking For The Thrills Without The Spills!

This is strange to me. How come some people don’t feel or experience fear at all?. They can do almost any adventure sports in the world without fear. Just thinking about the stunt man performing in action movies. These guys are not afraid of anything or what? I’m sure you would ask them to join you in any adventure sports and they would follow you right away. I don’t think of myself as a brave person. I don’t like heights, fast speeds or defying gravity. I need my feet to be firmly on the ground. The only vaguely exciting activity I have ever done is skiing, which I loved. Adventure sports are not really for me but I wish I could get over my inhibitions and go for it. I am an armchair sportsman; happy to observe others take extreme risks.

If I was braver, the thing I’d do first is skydiving. That must be an unbelievable thrill, up so high and free as a bird. You would think some people are doomed as they free fall down into caves and their parachutes open just as it’s getting dark. Rock climbing also looks thrilling, even though I wouldn’t want to climb those high peaks like K2. Mountain climbing in Force 10 winds and frostbite eating at your fingers doesn’t really interest me. I’m also far too claustrophobic for pot holing and the thought of cave diving fills me with dread.

Beach resorts all over the world are geared up for every sort of water adventure sports. Lying there while everyone else is jet skiing, parasailing, wind surfing and otherwise whizzing around makes me feel lazy. A hearty game of volleyball is the most activity I indulge in on a beach. I may fling a Frisbee from time to time. I want to do something but then it’s so nice to soak up the sunshine and there’s all that food and drink to consume.

My fear of heights precludes me from hang gliding or a trip in a hot air balloon. My idea of relaxing time is not traveling in a wicker basket under a flammable, gas filled balloon. I’m sure it’s exciting but I would be on constant guard for electricity pylons, not to mention a abrupt drop in pressure to send me falling back to earth. Adventure sports like that are made for brave, optimistic people with good insurance policies.

I am hoping that one day someone will invent a hologram suite, you know, similar to the ones in the Star Trek movies. These are computerized virtual realities, in which you can ski down the side of a mountain at breakneck speed and arrive at the bottom to no harm. That’s because the mountain is not truly there. Nothing is real but it looks just like reality. In other words, it’s all the thrills without the danger. If I wanted, I could do any adventure sports then and maybe even invent a few new ones. Until that time, I will observe others do their hot dog tricks and bungee jump from skyscrapers. These days, does driving into the large city and back count as adventure sports?