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Weight and Health – The Truth You Need to Know to Help Your Pet Live a Long and Enjoyable Life

One of the first things that you can do for your pet is to
actually have them examined for their physical fitness. Even
if you know that your pet is overweight and needs to lose
that weight, an exam should be one of the first things that
you do for them.

Meet with a veterinarian that you trust and that you know is
committed to helping your pet. Interview them; get to know
them so that you can trust them with your pet’s care.

Although this is not a specific tool to help your pet to lose
weight, it is a crucial first step. Many people do not realize
that a few pounds overweight can be far too much weight
for the pet. A doctor can help to point out specifically what
needs to be done for your pet.

Your doctor should also be able to monitor your pet’s
progression from their current level to the next, healthier
stage. They should be your ally in fighting your pet’s
overweight problem.

In some situations, pets are overweight because of illnesses
or hereditary factors just like people are. This is not the
normal situation, but if it is what your pet is struggling with,
it needs to be addressed.

To find out if your pet is facing an illness or even a disease
that is causing them to gain weight, talk with your trusted
vet. They can help you to rule this out as a cause for your
pet. Most importantly, if it is indeed a problem having to do
with illness, it can be treated with medications or other
therapies so that they pet is not suffering.

Some animals, like dogs can have this happen due to old
age, too. Yet, even when this is the situation, your pet can
still be helped with their veterinarian’s advice and treatment
options. Most vets are able to notice this difference in
weight gain by simply an examination or through blood tests
that are run on the pet.

You definitely want to know and get treated any illness that
could cause this type of situation. Your pet will find relief in
getting the help that they need.