Time Management Tips – How to Boost Productivity Using Delay of Gratification

Time management tips teach you how to celebrate your potential. You create your life every day through your time choices, after all. And each constructive, disciplined time choice strengthens you and enhances your contentment. So building on the wisdom of The Road Less Traveled is an excellent base for your time choices.

Scott Peck’s first book, The Road Less Traveled, achieved worldwide prominence in 1983. Translated into 20 languages, with over 7 million copies sold, it stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List longer than any other paperback book, before or since.

It remains popular because it helps readers make tough choices to solve profound, often lifelong problems. And each of the 4 disciplines that Peck promotes can translate directly to time management strengths.

How would you like to successfully tackle the biggest problem in your life? You can make a strong start by utilizing the power of the first discipline discussed in The Road Less Traveled: delay of gratification. Which of the following attributes would move you forward?

5 Essential Strengths that Delay of Gratification Helps Build:

  1. Overcoming Procrastination

    When you put off what is difficult or unpleasant, the neglected tasks hang over you like a cloud, day after day. Overcoming this impulsive avoidance allows you to get what is objectionable or challenging out of the way first. You are then free to enjoy your remaining projects with clear conscience. The result? Heightened effectiveness and much more guilt-free time!

  2. Trust

    Follow-through requires that you stay the course in the face of challenges and distractions. As congruence develops between your plans and your actions, others trust you more, and you trust yourself more. This integrity attracts success in all aspects of your life.

  3. Problem-Solving Capabilities

    Scott Peck maintains, “You can solve any problem if you take the time.” As you delay gratification, you exercise the patience needed to consistently see problems through to their resolution. You will discover first-hand that the less you empower discomfort, the less ability it has to throw you off course. Now you can proceed from priorities to plans to productivity!

  4. Broadening Horizons

    This increased competence build confidence. Step by step, you can increase the scope of your thinking as you build a strong foundation of problem-solving skills. This in turn enhances your alertness, creating a gratifying spiral of success.

  5. Achievement of Long-Term Goals

    Your steadiness of purpose also enhances your ability to actualize far-ranging projects of increased complexity. Now you can launch projects that fulfill lifetime dreams, confident of your capacity to remain focused and productive. Just think of how much more excitement this will bring to your life!

“Failure Cannot Cope With Persistence”

This maxim from Napoleon Hill can serve as a supportive mantra. Or you may wish to create your own. In either case, affirm your boundless power to realize your goals through the constancy of your time choices.

Treat delay of gratification like a muscle you build. Start small, collect successes, and work your way up. The more consistently you exercise this muscle, the more strength and flexibility you manifest. Clearly visualize the achievement of your long-term goal. The satisfaction you experience will help make your chosen course more compelling than the current distraction. Expect to learn as you go, and extend both patience and compassion to yourself as you make this discipline your own.

Step by step, you will experience yourself as powerful, because constructive action will grow from your plan as surely as an oak emerges from an acorn.

Now, how will you enact the time choices that build your life?

Top 10 Tips to Follow for Great Business Productivity

Productivity means a combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. Maintaining the productivity throughout the work is a great challenge and bringing the best of our work within the timeframe is crucial. Productivity can be continuously improved and by following some of the basic tips, one can achieve the target more easily and continuously.

Below stated are a few simple but effective tips that you need to follow, if you are running a business and want to attain more productivity out of your efforts and efficiencies:-

1. Fine help / Delegate tasks accordingly- taking a large task alone is not possible. You must need some kinds of help from others. In order to get help from others, you need to trust your colleagues/subordinates in helping you to complete your work. If you tell your colleague about the deadline of the project, then they will take it very seriously.

2. Do not dwell into unnecessary meetings- time management is the most important part of getting the maximum benefits of your work. Try not to waste time behind unnecessary stuffs. You must know to shortlist the most and least important meetings and conversations to carry on your works.

3. Create to-do lists- as we said, time management is the greatest factor, creating a checklist of the to do work is really important. This helps you to plan accordingly and will help you to maintain your speed of work to bring the maximum output within the limited time zone.

4. Take breaks- working at a stretch is sometimes very lethargic and affects your energy limit. It is very essential to take breaks within a day or some months. Also, spending 8-10 hours at a desk for too long may invite many diseases like cervical problems, heart related diseases, over-weight and other health problems.

5. Weed out distractions- there could be many distractive things around you. It has been observed that many people are busy surfing their social media profiles unnecessarily to check the updates or read some entertaining articles or contents. They are quite distractive and further, destructive for you. So better, get disconnected from all those disturbances, at least when you are working.

6. Maintain a proper interaction with the clients- foremost thing that must be executed properly to improve your business output. If you want to retain the potential clients and gain many new clients, you must develop many visitor engagement strategies. Replying them politely and instantly will really help to maintain the relationship; and don’t forget to collect the proper feedback. It will also help you to improve the quality of your works and services.

7. Create monthly newsletter to keep in touch with the clients- You need to deliver some useful tips and information on the topics like: how to save money? The current market analysis etc. To the clients through newsletter. This will help in building up a strong relationship with the clients.

8. Stop watching so much TV- the second most important mode of distraction. Sitting idly and continuously watching TV will affect your performance and energy level. It is better to watch useful things on TV for specific period.

9. Set ambitious, yet realistic goals- You should set such goals that are useful, focused, realistic and achievable. It should truly match your work and output.

10. Designate times to handle e-mail- you must be alert and active to handle and reply every mail you receive, make sure you don’t miss any important mails and keep a habit of replying to every important mails. Ignoring unnecessary mails or spam mails is also necessary as it saves your time also.

Thus, once you are following such an easy and effective steps in your life. You are actually following the true steps of success with great productivity.

7 Tips to Enhance the Productivity of Your Sales Executives

Buddy Up

Training up your low performing agents with those that are performing the best is a great tactic to boost their morale and motivate them. Listening to the sales pitch of these agents and the methods they use to convert a lead into sales helps them change their calling approach. They absorb things that are working and then use them in their own calls.

Provide Short Breaks

Telemarketing requires your agents to be energetic and enthusiastic on every call. The smile and confidence they show over the phone reflects on the other side of the line. Regular short breaks helps them break their monotony and allows them to regain their energy and remain active throughout the day.

Regular, but Short Briefings

It is great to start your day with a briefing session that is mainly targeted at increasing your agents enthuse levels and motivates them towards a cheerful start. This, however, should not be the only session in a day. To increase the performance of their agents, managers need to have short briefings, say 2 or 3 during the entire day. These meetings should be taken with a view to share results and discuss how things are being implemented.

Praise and Share Feedback

Management is not just about conducting meetings with employees who are not performing well; it is about praising employees who are performing well too. In fact, appreciating your hardworking employees and executives who are delivering good results boosts the morale of the entire team. Given this, share ways to improve, but do remember to always praise people for their good work.

Take Your Agents Out for a While

This may look like counter-productive, but investing time with your sales agents outside your office for a while allows you to come close to them, understand them more and relieves their tension. Naturally, with greater understanding and relaxed environments they are able to better focus on their work, which eventually leads to increased sales performance.

Keep Internal Communication Updated

One of the key elements in your sales environment is its internal communication. When targets and deadlines are updated regularly your agents move in a work in a streamlined manner and are able to deal with everything in an optimized manner. It is your duty to share information on deals and promotions coherently, in order to let your agents be clear with their sales tactics and rebuttals.

Organize Contests

Healthy competition is one of the best ways to wake up your sleeping agents. It is a sure shot strategy to activate their dormant energies. This competition could be anything from closing a sale in the shortest time to making the maximum number of sales. Remember, when people regularly compare their stats and employ efforts to improve them, entire teams and the organization in whole feels a boost in the morale.


It is the duty of every organization to devise new ways that function to improve the working conditions of their sales professionals. Making positive changes in the overall work culture, rewarding deserving employees and motivating the entire team through smart strategies are all steps that lead to ‘increased productivity’. After all, enhancing sales is not just about buying cell phone number lists, but more about monitoring and implementing factors that revolve around the people who dial these numbers.