8 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Office – Start Outside and Work Your Way In

Setting up a new office for your business is no simple task. From finding the most suitable place to settle in, to making sure that your office space is kitted out thoroughly and that your employees have absolutely everything that they will need on hand; there’s always something else to remember.

In this article we are going to explore a few different ways in which you can maximise on the productivity in your office. Once you’re all up and running and things are beginning to pick up pace, you’re going to want to ensure that your workers are motivated and dedicated to the task at hand.

It’s a big deal, setting up an office; and you want to do everything in your power to secure your success. Read on for 8 ways in which you can boost productivity in your new office.

1 – Location, Location

OK, so this point isn’t related to what’s in the office, but what’s outside. One of the most important aspects of an office’s location is what there is to do in the immediate surrounding area. You need to offer your employees the opportunity to get out of the office on their lunch and enjoy a nice coffee, or some decent places to eat. This is the key to a productive workforce – ample having distractions OUTSIDE.

2 – Keep Distractions to a Minimum

While it is important to have your office located in a relatively central area with plenty of things to do, you should try to keep the distractions in the office to a minimum. You’ll have a hard-enough time keeping them off their smart phones, so an overly cluttered office with too many visual distractions can be detrimental.

Keep it simple and add plenty of green to your office. Having a few beautiful plants scattered around have more benefits than simply making the place look pretty.

3 – Noise: Find the Right Balance

This one really does depend on the culture of your business and the personalities that you have on your team. Often a bit of music can really help to boost productivity in the workplace, though having the radio going with lots of talking may not be the best course of action.

Weigh it up and try to find the right fit for the people you have working for you. Perhaps a bit of neutral instrumental music playing in the background throughout the day could be really positive.

4 – Ergonomic Furniture, Always

You should never skimp on furniture when it comes to kitting out your office. No, it’s not cheap and you’ve no doubt forked a lot of money so far throughout the entire process of getting things set up. But, if you want your employees to work at their optimum performance levels it is important to ensure that they are comfortable. Not only that, but ergonomic office furniture is much, much better for their health and well-being. At least act like you care, eh?

5 – Light the Way

Lighting is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to productivity and the overall mood in an office. Natural light is truly a godsend and so you should take every advantage of it. If you’re limited with how many windows you have in the office, then look to installing a few mirrors in opportune locations.

This can also contribute towards making the space feel bigger, if you’re in a particularly small office. You could always look to implement various lighting or lamp features, though again; be careful not to go too OTT with distractions.

6 – A Room with a View

Again, this isn’t necessarily going to be possible, depending on your set up. Though it is always handy to have some large open windows, offering a nice view for your employees to enjoy.

While we’ve talked about keeping distractions to a minimum, a bit of green or a city-scape can often be inspiring – that and it affords your staff a quick respite from staring at their screens.

7 – Encourage Regular Breaks

Arguably the worst thing that you can do to your business is order your employees to stay at their desks at all times. I’ve worked in that environment before, where people are penalised for spending too much time in the toilet and believe me; it does not work. Not only does it significantly reduce your staff retention rate, but it also encourages people to slack off more.

By encouraging regular breaks, it is not only good for your employee’s health, but their productivity too. A bit of time away from the desk to stretch their legs will work wonders. Try implementing some fun brain teasers and puzzles to keep them occupied for 5 minutes while they have a cup of tea – that’ll keep the cogs whirling.

8 – Keep a Clean Environment

If you can’t afford to hire cleaners, do it yourself. There is nothing worse than a filthy environment. Make sure that your office is regularly cleaned and that your staff keep a clean working area. They may not like it, but you could implement a “slob-of-the-month”, award. Nobody will want to be recognised as the one who doesn’t clean up after themselves in the break room.

To Summarise

Certain Office buildings come with a number of benefits, such as in-house cleaning, round-the-clock security and being in a centralised location with magnificent views. You can tick off many of these productivity points simply be finding the right spot to set your office up. Do your research before rushing in! Make sure your employees will benefit just as much from it’s location as will your budget.

Mini-Retirement: You Can Boost Your Productivity With Small Travels

Ever had the opportunity of attending a party meant for retirees? These are parties that are organized for people who are at least 60 years old. With their working days over, all they think of is how they can play golf or perhaps get a condo at the beach.

I may not be such a great fan of golf, and I am already living at the beach, but there is nothing like missing in action for a while. I had recently undertaken a seven month trip to Europe for that single reason.

Majority of persons will likely call my trip an extended vacation, but I instead see it as a mini-retirement. I got maximum satisfaction from my visit to Europe which is unlike what most tourists do because they don’t take out time to enjoy their stay. If this is your first time of coming across the word, then let me tell you what it is and how it can be of help to you.

With mini-retirements life always has more to offer you

Vacations are different from mini-retirements it is because while holidays are short, these are very long. It is any trip between one month and six months, though I spent up to seven months in my case. During my mini-retirement, I had the opportunity of participating in so many European activities.

How to plan for a mini-retirement

Planning your first mini-retirement, know your objectives, and it is very essential. That was how I got off with mine. I never rushed the process. I made up my mind that Europe was a place to go and spend some time. As such, I had to work very hard for my dream to come true. I had to be 100% sure my online businesses were running as I expected, coupled with enough savings to help me foot any unexpected bills.

With the current harsh economic climate, it is challenging trying to plan for a one. But nothing good comes easy. Therefore I think now is a good time to start planning in this regards.

Enjoying your life to its fullest

My reason for trading my corporate life for being on the internet is because I want to live it to the fullest. Being your boss is all you want in life. I intend to take another mini-retirement if I have the cash. And a trip to the Croatian / Greek island or a road trip in the U.S will be just perfect. I have a feeling I can equally make this happen since my first ever plan was a complete success. Hence, am ready to work hard now so I can make it happen.

5 Strategies That Will Boost Your Business Productivity Today! – Part 1

Building a dynamic small business is a constantly evolving, increasingly demanding role.

It is very easy to get so caught up in the day to day running of our business that we neglect to take the time to look from the outside in to see what we could do to improve our profitability!

Well here are 5 Strategies that could boost your productivity overnight!

They are not rocket science…and you may have even heard some of them before, but they are 5 proven principles that you can review today to help you stay on track regarding the real issues to grow your business from here.

So why don’t you take 15 minutes…make yourself a coffee…and recharge your batteries!

1. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in one sentence

What is at the heart of your business that makes it unique and attractive for your customers? Summarise your key selling points that make your product or service a ‘must have’ for your clients.

You probably went through this exercise when you first started your business…but have you need to remind yourself regularly why you are doing what you are doing!

New competitors may have emerged and you don’t have that same uniqueness that you once had.

Perhaps it’s time to reinvent yourself and get that edge over the market once again!

2. Identify Who Your Target Market Is

When you first started your business, you knew exactly who your target market was. Is this market still the same, or have they grown up…or matured in their buying habits.

Has new technology overtaken your ideas?

Just imagine if Video Rental Stores had stubbornly refused to rent DVDs because they were just a Video Store! Your market may have changed, and you may need to reassess who you are trying to reach.

Your original target market have grown older since you began and if you are still promoting your products or service to this same group – their needs may be different!

3. Would you like Fries with That?

McDonalds have made an additional fortune by training every one of their sales force to ask one simple question with every order: ‘Would you like fries with that?’

I went to buy a tube to fix my daughter’s bike puncture the other day, and instead of just selling me a new tube, the smart salesman in the Bike Shop enquired quite genuinely if I had the right tools to fix it.

I didn’t – but of course he did…so he cleverly added value to my shopping experience, and added extra profit to his bottom line.

What service or product can you offer to people to make their original purchase with you even more worthwhile?

4. Establish where your clients go before and after they visit you?

If you can determine this, then you can add instant profits to your business.

Just imagine if you owned a Real Estate business. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a Settlement Agent in house? And what about a Mortgage Broker? Or even a Removalist Company?

Perhaps you could rent out a large Furniture Trailer with your company name emblazoned all over it!

Ask yourself the same question and you can start incorporating other services that complement your existing business and watch the profits grow!

5. Ask your existing customers for referrals

If you are providing an excellent product or service, then your biggest fans will be your existing customers.

Why not offer them an incentive to put you in touch with people just like them who would also benefit from your services?

It doesn’t have to be anything really expensive…maybe even just a 10% discount off their next purchase from you.

I referred some friends to a Mortgage Broker a few months ago…and had forgotten all about it…until last week I received 2 movie tickets in the mail thanking me for the gesture.

A $20 investment leaves a nice impression in my mind that will probably make me think of him again when my next friend asks me if I know of a good Mortgage Broker!

Make sure you get Part Two of this article for another 5 Strategies to improve your small business success!